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HARBOUR VIEW HOTEL SEKINCHAN All rooms fully air cond, TV, attached bathroom with hot/cold shower Parking Conference room Wireless internet Coffee house IDD Telephone 03-3241 8868
At Pantai Indah Seaview Resort, you’ll be caressed by the gentle sea breeze and be at one with nature once you step out. Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.Come enjoy the peace and c
HTML clipboardGem Wellness Spa Island Resort, Gem Island Resort , Pulau Kapas Island,package,pakej,chalet,resort,penginapanGem Wellness Spa Island Resort is located on Pulau Gemia. Gem Wellness Sp
HTML clipboardDuta Puri Island Resort, Tuty Puri Island Resort, Pulau Kapas Island, package, pakej, chalet, resort, penginapanDuta Puri Island Resort located at beautiful island named Pulau Kapas or K
Come and rejuvenate your soul in the lush greenery amidst cooling mountain atmosphere, where Seri Pengantin Resort is ideally located in picturesque and serene setting of Janda Baik, Pahang. The Seri
We welcome you to our world of ultimate stillness, calmness and relaxation. A peaceful and balance holiday for you and your loved ones.The island of Pulau Lang Tengah is located about 20 km
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4D3N Discover Miri & Mulu Ex KLIA (LCC Terminal) or Senai (Johor Bahru) Miri - Marriott Resort Mulu - Royal Mulu Resort Miri / Mulu / Miri airticket by MAS Wing Transfer airport / hotel / airport
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Rawa Safaris Island Resort, Pulau Rawa Island, Royal Island, package, pakej, chalet, resort, penginapanRawa Safaris Island Resort located at Pulau Rawa, Mersing, Johor. From Mersing take 16km to reach
HTML clipboardPesona Island Resort, Pulau Tioman Island,package,pakej,chalet,resort,penginapanPesona Island Resort offers hotel style accommodation. Pesona Island Resort close to the government office
Genting Bayu Resort, Pulau Tioman Island,package,pakej,chalet,resort,penginapan Genting Bayu Resort nestled quietly on the beach frontage at the edge of Genting Village, Tioman Island. Genting Bayu Ch
HTML clipboardBabura Seaview Resort, Pulau Tioman Island,package,pakej,chalet,resort,penginapanBabura Seaview Resort is a colorful resort located in between a Chinese Restaurant and Tioman Reef Diver
Johan's Resort, Pulau Tioman Island,package,pakej,chalet,resort,penginapanJohan's Resort located on the hillside towards the north of the village and have great views of the sea and Ayer Batang bay. J
HTML clipboardJapamala Resort, Pulau Tioman Island, package, pakej, chalet, resort, penginapanJapamala Resort location on the South West corner of Tioman Island which perfect for relaxation and rejuv
HTML clipboardTioman Beauty Beach Resort, TBB, Pulau Tioman Island, package, pakej, chalet, resort, penginapanThe Tioman Beauty Beach Resort or known as TBB is nestled in an own secluded bay in the so
HTML clipboardHTML clipboardSalang Pusaka Resort, Pulau Tioman Island,package,pakej,chalet,resort,penginapanSalang Pusaka Resort or formerly known as Khalid's Place is not directly located on Salang B
HTML clipboarSalang Indah Resort, Pulau Tioman Island,package,pakej,chalet,resort,penginapanSalang Indah Resort is right situated on the northwest of Tioman Island. Salang Indah Resort is located a wi
Salang Sayang Resort, Pulau Tioman Island,package,pakej,chalet,resort,penginapanSalang Sayang Resort or formerly known as Zaid's Place is located at south of the jetty. Salang Sayang Resort is the mos
HTML clipboardSuria Perhentian Dive Resort, Senja Bay Resort, Pulau Perhentian Island Kecil, package, pakej, chalet, resort, penginapanSuria Perhentian Dive Resort or formerly known as Senja Bay Resor
HTML clipboardPerhentian Island Resort,Pulau Perhentian Island Besar,package,pakej,chalet,resort,penginapanPerhentian Island is paradise island in Malaysia. Perhentian Island Resort is an ideal beach
HTML clipboardParadise Island Resort, Pulau Perhentian Island Besar,package,pakej,chalet,resort,penginapanParadise Island Resort is on Perhentian Besar Island suitable for family holiday or gathering.