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Distributor of Magosteen and other health products.
kota kinabalu  |  magosteen  |  mangosteen  |  mangis  |  maca
Fruit Concentrate/ Fruit Juice/ Fruit Squash/ Frozen Fruit Puree
Zest d'Beverage supply Nutritious Juice for your Mamak store ,Kopitiam, Cafe , Pub and Restaurant. Description : Our Product direct from farm and manufacturing in Shah Alam. We have 11 types of Fresh
About Us Perindustrian Makanan & Minuman Layang-Layang was set up in 1986 specialized in manufacturing flavor concentrated juice, syrup and cordial. We are an established manufacturer in producin
Sour Plum Lime Juice, Food & Beverages, Calamansi Juice,Tradisional Jus Limau Kasturi, AES food & Beverages, Delicious Juice, Refreshing Juice, Lime Juice
人类长壽的救星 - MONAVIE的水果汁 藉由将世界上最健康及最营养的19种水果混合在一起,创造出世界上提供最高生命元气的混合果汁。 拥有19种水果的混合果汁在本地受到很多人的欢迎与推出。 MONAVIE的功效 - 预防心脏病发作和中风 - 预防糖尿病 - 预防癌症 - 高血压 - 风湿关节炎 - 便秘 - 失眠 - 中风 - 还有很多 询问详情,请联络Winnie 012-2856906.
The XanGo Revolution XanGo ® Juice is the original mangosteen beverage, a worldwide market leader that combines sensational flavor and proven benefits through a proprietary whole-fruit formula. S
mangosteen  |  juice  |  health  |  supplements  |  Xanthones
We are the sole agent in Malaysia Central Region, call us now for more details or email to frederick_yp@yahoo.com Benefits of Mangosteen Scientific research on the mangosteen fruit conducted by a num
produk jus buah-buahan yang terbaik dan paling terlaris di pasaran buat masa ini.resepi dari Iran dengan kandungan zat serta vitamin yang semulajadi.
we don't keep selling but our consumer's keep introducing to friend when the TF works for them...wow!!!,,THIS IS REALLY PASSIVE... S) we pay one of the highest compensation....
Kami menjual Produk Slimming Juice di Kuala Lumpur dan kawasan-kawasan lain.
Kami menghasilkan pelbagai jenis produk kesihatan tradisional daripada jus Manggis
Riovida Acai Berry Tonic provides supplements for Anti ageeing, Migrane cure, Skin care, Antioxidant, energy drink and Body detoxifier.
WCS-S1 semi plastic cup sealing machine sealer for bubble tea candy floss smoothies juice yogurt
We produce various kind of traditional health products from Mangosteen juice
Pomegranate in the purest & tastiest form!
USDA Certified Organic,Vegan,increase energy,reduce stress/anxiety & fatigue & menopause symptoms,enhance mental clarity/focus,bone health,etc
maca  |  organic  |  raw  |  vegan  |  libido
Kami menawarkan produk KOPI MACA untuk Menguatkan dan mengimbangi hormon dalam sistem badan , kerapkali digunakan dalam terapi gantian hormon.Tenaga dan stamina yang lebih baik