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In the area of Housemaid recruitment, we provide consultancy to individual employers. Our services include the following: a. Preparation of documentations b. Recommending potential housemaid from ren
Medical Services The Medical Facility provides a range of services. Please call the nurse at 03-22840160 for an appointment with the Doctor. Medical Examination: Medical examination and report for th
We are offering maid service in Kuala Lumpur. The house will always clean and tidy with our home maid service. Besides, you can rest after a busy working day .
Kami menawarkan pembantu rumah yang bertanggungjawab dan rajin. Rumah anda akan sentiasa bersih dan cantik dengan pembantu rumah kita.
How can we help you? Let us tell you more about... Welcome to Seri Sadawangi... SERVICES We provide services in the area of recruiting and supplying foreign labor from Indonesia as maids and general
Agensi Pekerjaan Kompac is a professionally managed licensed Recruitment and Cleaning Services agency located at Bandar Bukit Tinggi, Klang. Our Main Office (known as S.A.P Cita Selasih Sdn Bhd) and
MaidOnline We know it is hard for parents today to cope up with the ever demanding stress of their work and even housewife who strive to create a perfect home and future for their love ones. One coul
House Maid Supply
We are ready to service you with experience Indonesian Maid
About us.... We have been recruiting and managing foreign workers for the past 10 years, which makes us now established a company which only specially to recruit and manage foreign workers only... MK
our company temporary just get approval 100 foreign workers for Nepalese. looking for potential customer to supply.
TQ for the respond for previous post our company left around 40 workers. If interest pls leave me a message.
We provide maids from Indonesia (PRA) to help you manage your work home with an affordable price.
Kami menerima jaminan untuk tempoh dua bulan dari wakil kami di Indonesia.
We are specialized in providing professional services in Malaysia for Immigration Advise, Expatriate relocation and Msian relevant authorities