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we sell a beautiful box and offer to design wedding dowry with unique design available in kuala lumpur area with reasonable price.
we offer to design your dowry with various of design and shape, also available flower bouquet and wedding favor at affordable price at kuala lumpur area.
we provide dowry marriage decoration and engagement with a minimum price in selangor and kuala Lumpur area.
we offer invitation card as low as rm0.15 only available at kuala lumpur area.
Our Services: - Wedding planning - Wedding Cards - Pelamin(Dia), Customes & Make-ups - Hantaran(Dowry) - Decoration - Gift/Souvenir Email : rintik05@yahoo.com
We take orders for the feast and festival ceremony, other events.
we provide services from head to toe to make sure you look perfect and glowing on your special event.
we offer decoration for malay wedding and engagement ceremony available at reasonable price only at kuala lumpur.
we provide malay wedding accessories for rental at affordable price available in kuala lumpur area.
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Ka Hei Blissful Wedding Accessories 欢迎游览家囍婚礼用品专卖店!这里有服务周到的店主 。 本店主要目地是为一对新人筹办婚礼所需的礼仪用品,如过 大礼、回礼、嫁妆、上头、纪念品等等。为的是延继及承传 华人传统和满足顾客要求. Description: 一站式结婚礼品,解决您结婚礼节上,布置上的需要。从过大礼,女方回礼,上 头及结婚当天的礼品等等。各式各样传统的,
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we offer bunga pahar for wedding or engagement at affordable price only available in kuala lumpur.
Menyediakan gubahan hantaran, cenderahati, bunga pahar, bunga telur, sewaan dulang & alas dulang juga lain-lain dengan idea dan inspirasi segar bagi merealisasikan perkahwinan impian anda.
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