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15 Lebuh Nambyar 10460 Georgetown Penang
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Maxcel Enterprise is your reliable solution to implement a dependable electric fence. When a thick 5-foot wall can no longer keep trespasser away, it's time to seek protection from the highly effective electric fence. 


Maxcel Electric Fence Security System is the most reliable line of defense for you, your family and your property. Its instant ability to detect, react and respond to break-ins will give intruders a non-lethal yet painful lesson, thus making them think twice before trespassing. Besides, any attempts to cut electric fence wires will also immediately activate the security siren, buying more time for you to take action.

Above all, our electric fence security system is an effective and economical security addition that can be installed to any existing fence, brick wall, gates, building, roofs or any type of perimeter fences to safeguard your safety.

7-Dimensional Protection System

    • Demarcation – A high voltage fence will make potential intruders think twice before trespassing
    • Deflection – Thieves and burglars will be deflected to easier targets
    • Deterrence – A non-lethal yet painful electric shock is a strong deterrent to intruders
    • Delay – The electric-charged barrier will delay intruder's plans and activities
    • Detection – The energiser's voltage monitor will warn you of any tampering with the fence
    • Deny – The high voltage electric security fence will deny entry
    • Dependable – The guard is up for 60 seconds a minute, 60 minutes an hour, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year

Maxcel Electric Fence Security System is manufactured to meet the most stringent international standards. Our electric fence controller units are also tried and tested by internationally recognised laboratory to be in compliance with IEC Standard, Malaysia Standard and the Energy Commission. 


Contact Person : Edmund Teoh

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15 Lebuh Nambyar
10460 Georgetown 


(M) 012-3282382

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15 Lebuh Nambyar 10460 Georgetown Penang