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Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts is a hotel management company with a difference.

In a world where consolidation is the fashion, and hotel companies are growing larger by the day, Pan Pacific truly believes that "small is beautiful". That is not to say we do not believe in growth, but rather we feel that growth strategies must be balanced with the need to maintain cultural integrity. This includes important elements such as character, personality and style since it is these sorts of things that distinguish one company from another and hence create competitive advantage.

In our business strategy, we take pride in balancing the needs of all of our stakeholders; our owners, our guests, our associates and the communities in which we operate. We set priorities according to the needs of the time, and our scale enables us to adapt our strategies as these needs change.

At Pan Pacific, we believe in personalised care, and we deliver this through a focused and detailed approach to operations and management, which sets us apart from other companies. We give freedom, but demand accountability. We are different where the differences count.


Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts is the international hotel operations of the Tokyu Group of companies, a multi-billion dollar organisation established in 1922 and with its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. Domestically, Tokyu Group operates the largest hotel chain in Japan (Tokyu Hotels and Tokyu Inns) with 59 hotels (15,000 rooms).

In 1972, Tokyu Group formed an overseas hotel management company named Tokyu Hotels International, Inc. (THI) to manage its Asia Pacific properties. It opened its first hotel, the Sari Pacific in Jakarta, Indonesia in 1976. Later, a second hotel management firm, Emerald Management Company (EMC), was formed in Honolulu, Hawaii to co-ordinate development in the United States.

In 1989, Tokyu Group consolidated the operations of these two overseas companies (THI and EMC) under the trading name of Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts. In June 1995, Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore to coincide with the relocation of the corporate headquarters from the United States to Singapore.

Pan Pacific has used this base to build strong financial foundations and a truly global perspective.


To provide the best hospitality experience balanced to the needs of our four stakeholders - Guests, Associates, Owners, Community.


At Pan Pacific, we believe in:

Personalised care, because we genuinely care.

These simple words stand for a very big idea - that a global corporation can also be personal. We are a company that cares for our associates, guests, owners and communities in which we operate.

We hold true to this promise every time we meet the unique needs of an individual. We prove it when we show personalised care not just to guests, but to each associate. We prove it by listening so well that we can sometimes anticipate requests, not just answer them.

These six words mean that, at Pan Pacific, we never lose sight of the fact we are individuals working together to meet individual needs with personalised care.


Whether you are a guest, an associate, an owner, or someone who lives in our community, what is at the heart of our personalised care is practiced and felt each moment:

Respecting Individuals
We treat others as we want to be treated - as individuals in harmony with one another.

Genuine Caring
Real heart making an unforgettable impression(s).

The future of our company is in the hands of our people.

Balancing Global and Local
We bring together local charm and international excellence.

When our people grow, we grow, reaching new heights.

Uplifting Our Communities
Our sense of family fuels our business success, we are family.