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Want to let your baby swim at an early age but worried about pool safety & chlorinated water?

Well, worry no more as we have got the solutions for you!

With Wonder Bee's Baby Float & Baby Swimming Pool, you can put your baby to swim safely as early as 3 months old. In China, it starts from newborn!

With the baby float (neck float), it supports the body baby weight at ease and safely with the help of water buoyancy. Do not worry that it would suffocate your baby as even a mid size adult  female also can use the neck float! It's totally SAFE & COMFORTABLE as there are 2 velcro straps on both side of it. We have experimented, even if the straps are accidentally open (very very unlikely), your baby would not sink as the ring supports the babies neck and head perfectly!

As your baby is still so young, it's not advisable to put them in the swimming pool as there's always a possibility of them swallowing bits of the chlorinated pool water, where research shows that it's not safe to drink swimming pool water! More readings at

As they grow older, you can choose to let them have Wonder Bee's Floating Swim Suit or Swim Trainer.  

Baby swimming has many benefits.

婴儿游泳的好处 / Swimming Benefits / Kebaikan Berenang 

1. 婴儿游泳能促进婴儿的健康成长和生长发育.


Helps baby’s healthy growth.
Membantu tumbesaran bayi.

2. 婴儿游泳能促进婴儿对食物的消化吸收提高婴儿抗病能力。 
Aids digestion & increase immune system.

Membantu penghadaman dan meningkatkan sistem imun bayi.

3. 婴儿游泳能促进婴儿脑神经的发育成熟。婴儿游泳有利于孩子早期的智力发育,尤其是利于情商的发育和提高。
Aids brain development & enhance IQ & EQ.

Membantu perkembangan otak dan meningkatkan IQ & EQ bayi.

4. 婴儿游泳能促进婴儿正常睡眠节律的建立。
Regulates normal sleep pattern.
Menyelaras corak tidur yang normal.

5.  婴儿游泳能有效减少婴儿的哭闹促进亲子情感的交流。
Reduces crying times and helps parent-baby bonding.
Mengurangkan kekerapan bayi menangis dan membantu mengeratkan hubungan bayi-ibu bapa.

6. 婴儿游泳不仅仅是皮肤与水的接触,而是听觉、触觉、嗅觉、平衡觉的综合住出的传递,并间接地作用到五脏六肺及各种神经系统.
It is not just skin & water contact, but swimming helps baby’s hearing, touch, smell & balancing senses. This would indirectly mean that all the internal organs & nerve system are“exercising”.

Bukan setakat sentuhan kulit dengan air sahaja tetapi berenang membantu deria-deria yang lain seperti   pendengaran, bau dan imbangan. Ini juga bermakna semua organ dalaman dan sistem saraf juga “bersenam”.


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PS: You can either find us at:

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2) Baby Expo@PWTC from 2-4 Nov OR
3) Maternity & Children Expo@MV from 30 Nov - 2 Dec 2012


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