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International English Language Testing System

Academic & GT ( General Training )
General and Intensive Courses

Individual and Group Tuition

For Pre & Upper Intermediate students:
Aimed band: 6-7
Intensive Course: 1 month

A. Everyday 2 hours

B. 4 days a week / each day 4 hours

Curriculum syllabus:
Advanced Grammar, Vocabulary, Exclusive Topical Speaking, IELTS Techniques (Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing) & IELTS Tests

Group Tuition Terms:
50% of your total payment is refundable, if you do get less than 6.
For quotation, please email us since it varies due to number of students and venue.
Either call us to book for the group or make a group on your own.
10-30% discount for the Group Maker.
Individual Terms:
If you take at least 60 hours, 50% of your total payment is refundable, if you do get less than 6.

We provide you the latest materials

Acquaintance with all the possible topics. Focus on Pronunciation, Intonation, Fluency, Accuracy, Proper Vocabulary and etc.
Predicting the answers, Listening tactis, understanding in particular and etc.
Scan, Skim, Gist, Clue & Keywords, Main idea, Topic Sentence, answering methods for all types of IELTS questions, Reading and Answer boosting and etc.
Grammatical points, structure, templates, brainstorming, analysis (Letter writing, Diagram, Process, Charts, Graph, Table).

And Save up to RM X,999 by starting our Home-Tuition rather than studying at Language Schools.

Results can be collected after 13 days.
Test Fee: RM 550

For Further Enquiries and to book for schedule:
017  356 0  133
012  90  64 606
@ Ampang

Experienced Tutors with exclusive techniques especially for IELTS

Online courses are available too.

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