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Initially, the franchising business has been commenced since 17/12/2003 by using the Anteik Waterbed Specialist as sole proprietorship. Since then, We have about 7 promotional counter over the whole Malaysia.

On the 26 January 2005, we have launched new franchise system in accordance to this planned franchise system.

Currently, we have the intention to expand and penetrate new market in Malaysia such as Sabah & Sarawak. In overseas, we have enquiries from Singapore and Thailand and expected to have more enquiries.Therefore, we have set up Life Waterbed Specialist Sdn Bhd in 26 January 2005.We even have engaged Consultant to provide consultancy in terms of management, franchise, marketing and ISO 9001.

6 features why you need Life Waterbed.

How much Sleep do you really need?

The ‘Why’ of back aches.

The “Pillow Correction Method”.

How “The New Way” works.

Designed for comfort.

WaterBed’s Temperature Control.

+ Accessory.
Back Support.

Sofa Cushion.

+ Water Bedding System.
OCA Classic.

OCA Junior.

OCA Supreme.

OCA Pioneer.

OCA Water Pillow / Air Pillow

+ Developing Products.
+ Water Padded Seat.

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