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平凡无奇的猪肠粉一天可以卖出500到600片粉皮, 诀窍是什么? 答案就在滑嫩的猪肠粉和浓辣的咖哩汁中. 浸在咖哩汁里的猪皮也是常客的最爱, 切几片和猪肠粉拌着吃, 味道最好. 芋头糕和米糕都是亲手制作, 芋头糕铺上炸葱头片, 虾米、芝麻和青葱,松松软软,用料扎实。米糕用粘米磨成米浆蒸熟,吃了口齿生香,是难得一件的小吃。


What makes the ordinary Chee Cheong Fun sell up to 500-600 rolls a days? The secret lies in the silky-smooth Chee Cheong Fun ang the spicy curry gravy. Pork skin served with this dish is also popular with customers. Check out the home-made special supple Or Koay and tasty Rice Koay with fried shallots, dried shrimps, sesame seeds and onions. Rice Koay cooked with rice milk taste brilliant too.




Address : Jalan Sayor, Pudu (半山芭为食街)

Opening Hours : 6:00pm-11:00pm

Contact person : Mr Choy Khai Choe 蔡继祖

Tel : 012-6883986