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~ Malaysia Taxi Service ~

You can pre-book a Taxi in advance with The MyTaxi so that one of our drivers can "meet & greet" you, your clients, friends or family at any of Malaysia Airports, Train Stations, or at your Office, Home or any other place. The MyTaxi offer an unrivalled First Class service to its customers in and around Malaysia. You can be assured of the finest service when booking with us. We aim to give you the customer the best possible Air-Conditioned Taxi service that we can

To discuss your requirements please call the numbers listed below. If booking an early morning pick up please make sure that you call before 10.00pm the night before the Taxi is required.


tel: 0164128076 anytime or email:

Please make sure that when booking by telephone you give at least 2 hours notice and 24 hours notice by e-mail.

Part of our services:
Airport Transfer (Arrival/ Departure)
Transportation for corporate clients
Sightseeing and Tour
Exhibitions Transport
Hourly booking
Transfer to LCCT KLIA Airport
Public relation events and road shows
and more

The Taxi waiting time will be charged @ RM50.00 per hour day charge or RM75.00 per hour night charge.

Advantages of Booking Taxi LCCT

*All vehicles are licensed by the Public Carriage Office
*All vehicles are wheelchair accessible.
*All drivers possess "The Knowledge"
*All vehicles carry Public & Private hire and reward insurance
*All vehicles are maintained and cleaned to the highest standard you would expect from The Taxi trade.
*All drivers carry mobile telephone.
*All drivers are always prompt, courteous, helpful and have the Knowledge.
*No waiting in line for taxis
*No long waits at the taxi-rank
*Fixed fare journeys

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Taxi's To Travel

A taxi driver told me once, that there are over 13,000 taxi's in Kuala Lumpur. They all have meters, but sometimes there are not used. Before you hop into a taxi, you better deal about the fare.

On Penang most of the taxi's don't have meters and if they have, they won't use them. For us, tourists, that's bad, because you have to deal about the fare. Taxi's in KL and Penang are air-conditioned.

My advice: don't get into the taxi before you have seen the meter and when it's not running ask him to put it on ......... or deal about the fare!

Coming for the first time to Malaysia at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, you can buy a taxi ticket at a counter when you have passed the customs. You mention the name of your hotel and you pay for the ticket (coupon), with the name of your hotel on it. Outside the arrival hall there are taxi's waiting for you to bring you to the right hotel. Here's no dealing about the fare

Generally, city taxis in KL use the meter system but at some places such as the airport, KL Sentral and KL Tower they use the coupon system. If you're taking the ERL high speed train to the city center, you can buy a taxi coupon at the KL Sentral station counter just as you come out of the barriers.

Flying to Penang there's at the arrival hall a big sign, telling you the fares you have to pay to your hotel. Here you can also buy a ticket for a taxi at a counter. Here's also no dealing about the fare.

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If you want to take a taxi out of Kuala Lumpur to another state, go to the Puduraya Bus Terminal on Jalan Pudu (Level 2).

Fares are negotiable, depending on distance. But the taxi won't leave the terminal until it has four passengers. Malaysians use this service only at peak travel periods, so you could be waiting for some time for a cab to fill up.

You can, however, pay a fee equivalent to a full load. Full load fares are (approx.) RM400 to the Cameron Highlands, RM250 to the city of Malacca, RM550 to Johor Bahru, and RM550 to Penang and RM400 to Kuantan. The terminal is open 24 hours.

City taxis are metered and yellow and black color or the new red and white color. Flag fall is RM 1.50 for the first two kilometers and 50 sen for every km there after. There is no extra cost for air-conditioned taxis, but there is a 50 % surcharge on the fare from midnight to 6 am.

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A new taxi in KL

Your best bet is to get the bell boy of your hotel to call you a taxi. He will give you an idea what the fare will be. Note that this only applies in Kuala Lumpur. In the rest of the country you will find queues of taxis willing to take you most places, although the standard of driving is not perhaps suited to the timid of heart.

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