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Company Profile

KSB TRAVEL & TOURS SDN BHD was incorporated and commencement of business since 1992. Since that date, we have emerged as one of the competitive travel agency operated in Malaysia . As being introduce to the market, our trade mark is as one of the popular agency for Umrah and hajj package. Combination of experience and knowledge through our management team, today our company has undertakes many various types of packages such as Umrah Visit Tour, Umrah Special Tour & Umrah with Middle East Tour. In addition, we arrange outbound & inbound tours. Since then our company has received a lot of accreditation from Airlines company such as Saudi Arabia , Royal Air Jordanian, Middle East Airlines, Emirate Airlines, that is Golden Award presented in 1997. The achievement was acknowledged on yearly sales of ticket. Our key of success is to work closely with our customer to enable them to feel the implication of the selected services. Our company is approve by government and also other association. See Approve Certificate.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide the better for our customer and we believed:

  • We are an organization that moves toward the perfection of our customer need we are working more to the customer services oriented.
  • To us customer demand and satisfaction are always the number one.
  • To us the better way to achieve the goals is to maintain our standard of service.
  • We are always offering the best quality of services which synonym with the price pays. 

our team

We are a group of people with our own skill and experience in our related business sector. In addition, we are dedicated toward our function. We are always working close together with our customers to gain better outcomes and to make our services has it
own credibility and strength.

Our employee realized that each mission must have it relevant objective. Therefore, we are being encouraged to achieve the targeted objective in return to fulfill the entire requirement for our benefits.

The Management Team

Our management team led by our Executive Directors, which he himself with full concentrated to any deals regarding the Umrah Packages.

Dato Hj. Md. Som B. Hj Osman
Director/Chief Executive Officer
Hj. Ahmad Mahadzir Shaffirin Dato Hj. Md. Som
Chief Operating Officer
Dato Hj. Mazlan Hj. Nasiron
General Manager
Hj. Dzulkarnain b. Baharudin
Umrah Manager
Hj. Zulkifli b. Muharam

our marketing Team

Our marketing teams are leads by our Director & Our General Manager.

The teams are:

Chief Operating Officer
Tel : 012-3334477
Dato Hj. Mazlan Hj. Nasiron
Manager (Ticketing & Tour)
Tel : 016-3957426
Hj. Dzulkarnain Baharudin

Manager (Umrah)
Tel : 016-2155775

Hj. Zulkifli Hj. Muharam
Finance Manager
Tel : 019-2168669
Pn. Azimah Bt. Mohd Aripin
Pn. Nurulhuda Bt. Ahmad Bajuri
Umrah Operating Officer
Tel : 012-2505874
Hj. Mohd Fadzli B. Dato. Hj. Md.Som
Umrah Operating Officer
Tel : 019-3423388
Hj. Mohd Zaidi b. Shamsuddin
Umrah Operating Officer
Tel : 012-2425715
Hj. Zulfaiz B. Ibrahim
Government Ticketing
Tel : 016-2670265
Hj. Mohd Zaid b. Che Mat
Government Ticketing
Tel : 012-6848448
Hj. Basiran Hj. Kemi
Coaches & Tours
Tel : 019-3423393
Hj. Mohammad Jamil Isa
Ticketing & Tour
Cik Azida Bt. Che Hat
Ticketing & Tour
Cik Nurhazleana Bt. Abd. Rahman
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Kuala Lumpur