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Endglish Bulldog For STUD
Desert Wulf provides studs services for Wild Blood American Bullies, Wild Blood Wolfly Husky, Standard Double Coat Husky, Alaskan Malamutes and Golden Retrievers
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Saya ingin menjual sugar glider saya yang comel dengan harga yang berpatutan.
We have a male rottweiler for study service.
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Direct from factory,many size available,special size are welcome.please contact : Raymond soon 0124853880 Email : dextonraymond@yahoo.com
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to force breed fish by injection
Hi, I have male 2.5 years old golden retriever big bone with mka cert. need female golden retiever for mating. any1 interested, please call me.. 0126413395 Cynthia
my golden retriver 3 year...looking to mate in female...my male dog never mate before..if got interest can call me 0164239279..my location in perak ipoh....more information concact me ..thx
want to breed them
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