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ZatiD'Hati Bake & Deco Class providing cake baking and decorating classes for those who are interested to make a delicious and interesting cake. You will
Akademi Bakeri ZatiD'Hati menyediakan hiasan kek untuk majlis harijadi, perkahwinan dan acara korporat. Kami juga menyediakan kelas hiasan kek.
We offering cookery and baking classes for all types of foods, deserts and pastry. Besides, our chef will also share you his special recipes.
K.S. Tan Baking and Cooking Training Centre
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Chef Ang Baking & Cooking Academy offers cooking and baking classes in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Conducted by professional chefs, participants will graduate with a professional certificate.
PG CakeCraft menyediakan kelas menghias kek, kek cawan, dan biskut yang sesuai untuk beginner kerana teknik akan diajar dari permulaan.
PG CakeCraft are offering classes to learn to decorate cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Classes offered suitable for beginner because the technique will be taught from the beginning.
THE CHEF provides professional skill training in baking and cooking variety of foods. We also provides training for part time baking course and full time diploma student.
Grace Home Cakes Sdn Bhd has been established for more than 10 years and being founded by Ms. Grace Mariasoosai. She carries with her 15 years of experience within the Baking Industry.
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We are an International Pastry School Based in Petaling Jaya , Malaysia. We are a premier Institute offering you a unique opportunity to learn the art of bakery and pastry in a professional setting
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Cilantro Culinary Academy provides short tem cookery courses, baking courses, pastry courses and so on. Classes are available morning and afternoon session. Please call us for registration now.
Chef Ang Baking & Akademi Masakan menyediakan perkhidmatan perundingan untuk perniagaan bakeri di sekitar bandar Sabah.
Pusat Tuisyen Prestij Akademik is a tuition and daycare centre in Penang that provides primary tuition class, writing, talent and homework class, as well as daycare services.
PERSONAL MUSIC CLASS(Guitars/Classical Indian Tabla/Bamboo Flute/Drums/Latin Percussions/Traditional Malay Percussions)
PERSONAL MUSIC CLASS(Guitars/Classical Indian Tabla/Bamboo Flute/Drums/Latin Percussions/Traditional MalayPercussions)