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Do you know what is Weiqi?Weiqi originated in ancient China and it is a strategic board gameby two persons. It's using lattice chessboard and two colorschess pieces to play. Now it go pop in the Asia
Do you need a native Chinese Language partner?Do you want to have a Chinese language and culture exchange but hard to find a partner?Mandarin Garden offer you a good place .We choose partners and prof
Long history!Traditional Calligraphy and Chinese painting!Let's enjoy a wonderful time!Chinese Calligraphy is a kind of beauty, just like the trickle which refreshing your heart or the torrent which s
Fun & Educational School Holiday Programs for 3 to 17 years old:
Join us in this multi-billion ringgit real estate industry, start your own business with no capital required. You decide how much you want to earn. Requirements: Sales experience preferred Committ
Jelic IQ, Drama, Computer 3D Modeling, Clay Art, Sewing, Creative Writing, Mandarin, CSI Forensic, Soap, Balloon, Magicians, Chess, CPR & First Aid, Lifetime, Dance, Public Speaking, Memory &Speed Rea
Marinah Numerologist analyses your NAMES and date of birth to provide you methods to bring happiness, love, relationship, wealth and abundance into your life.
Helmi Gimmick is famously known as Malaysia’s premier Stage Act Comedian for his live performances like character mimic, impersonations of celebrities, stand-up comedy and special tricks.
Work part time anytime anywhere by distributing online education programs (free training)
Pengumuman Pengambilan Pelajar Baru Bidang Kejuruteraan Teknologi Kimpalan, Elektrik & Automotif bagi Sesi Latihan MEI 2013 di Malaysian Academy Of Mighty Skills (MAMS). Permohonan dibuka mulai 1
Fun4Kids Malaysia offers mid-term school holiday programs for children ages 4-12 in various locations within Klang Valley
XTREEM ADVENTURE is an ED-VENTURE (Education + Adventure) & NATURE TEAMBUILDING organization that introduces the latest technological tools in international safety standards for OUTDOOR/INDOOR EXPERIE
We can tailor-made the programs and activities according to your requirements. Call us today for more info.
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As the world evolve and the plane of consciousness is getting faster and faster, people start falling and going back to the spiritual plane. We look for answers. We go back to the basic. We go back se