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Company Background
GINTELL is one of the leading healthcare chain stores in Malaysia. Mr CY Goh founder and managing director of GINTELL started the company with only a handful of staff and promotion counters in year 1996.In a short span of 10 years, GINTELL (M) Sdn Bhd has expanded to 40 outlets throughout the country and with a dedicated workforce of nearly 250 staffs.

Company Milestone
In facing the tough and ever changing market, both locally and internationally, GINTELL manage to strive through over the years and withstand stiff competition .Through the years the company has invested more than 10 million in brand building. GINTELL create history in 28 April 2003 by simultaneous opening and launching of 4 new concept showrooms in Malaysia. Continuous effort in branding and marketing strategies, combine with extensive market research are key success of the company. The company's main priority is customer satisfaction, through GINTELL philosophy.

GINTELL Philosophy
Integrity and honesty
Providing customer with value for money deals, supported by reliable service and professional consultation.
Providing after sales service through dedicated customer care line and extending warranty period up to 2 years for main products
Healthier lifestyle
To create awareness on the importance of healthier lifestyle to the public in the ever changing modern society for a better living standard.
Strategic and friendly location of outlets for the convenience of our customer.
Corporate Identity:
- GINTELL's new brand image originates from the corporate identity
- This is in accordance with the corporate philosophy which incorporates the 3 Gs:

Our aspirations to be a global player coincides with our mission statement, which is to be an established player in the country to branch out to the international arena in the near future.

The company's long-term business objective is to become the leading healthcare products provider, in the steps of established global players such as Finland's mobile phone manufacturer giant: Nokia, Germany's car manufacturer giant: Mercedes-Benz, Korea's electrical appliances manufacturer: Samsung, France's established fashion house: Gucci, Hong Kong's popular fashion retail giant: Giordano, pharmacy giant: Guardian, hypermarket chain leader: Giant and etc.
Finally, the letter "G" also represents through this phrase, "A Group of Great people striving to create a Great international company".