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Nursing Di Pusat Jagaan Warga Emas Nur Falah, Melaka
Home nursing services for elderly folks at the comfort of their own home
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Eversleigh Retirement Villa is established with the aim to provide the best home based nursing service to the elderly in Kuching, Sarawak.
ELDERS Home is not just a care-giving facility but a home sweet home for the aged community. At ELDERS, our residents will have the same feeling of being at home while their children are at work. Thos
A peaceful and a conducive care centre allocated in PJ. Offering you a quality instead of quantity service. A perfect place for retirement and the disabled.
Golden Management is a one stop registration service provider for newly setup companies. We manage companies' business registration, company registration and trade mark registration.
Agileness Home provides stroke rehabilitation services such as consultation, physical training, acupuncture, massage therapy, herbal bath and Chinese medicine for stroke patients.
Kenneth Care Home provides a 24 hour stay-in clean, tidy and hygienic nursing home and day care service for the elderly who are in need of professional care. We take care of stroke, coma, bedridden.
Natural Sleep Therapy, helps you to relax and sleep
Stop your repetitive and worrying thoughts, quickly achieve a deeply relaxed state that leads to natural sleep.
Get a personal trainer who actually has what is takes to get you there at the price you want.
BESTYLE merely helps your body return to its natural, beautiful shape by correcting posture and strengthening muscles along the back and abdomen.
Lingerie revolution - the formation of a series of contour and shape the body slimming persona.
Currently we have qualified nurse and care givers are available with immediately
Poh-Link Nursing Centre we provide elderly care services
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You will get a FREE wellness evaluation every month and believe me you will enjoy to see the improvement of your body wellness.
Poh-Link Nursing Centre kami menyediakan perkhidmatan penjagaan warga emas
Your loved ones deserve the best when they need it most and this is available in a home setting with specially home-cooked meals.

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