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A home based traditional Chinese & complementary physical therapy service provider based in OUG, Kuala Lumpur with a family-friendly environment
Pusat Rawatan Tradisional Gaya menyediakan rawatan urut kaki dan badan serta rawatan spa di Ulu Tiram Johor
Koh Sin Enterprise Sdn Bhd is a well-known Chinese medical health centre in Kuala Lumpur. Dr Yuan Xiao Ping founded this centre 14 years ago to provide high quality beauty and health care services.
Holistic Ma-Ye Chinese Therapy.(Bone manipulate and Setting,Accupunture) We are specialise on stroke,internal injuries and alsousing a chinese traditional physical methodon bone setting and dislocat
Poh Guan Hong is a local Chinese pharmacy in Sibu that sells thousands of high quality Chinese herbs and Chinese medicine.
东西方医学结合医师 选用进口天然药方 无副作用 Combination Eastern & Western Medicine + Natural Health Supplements + Modern Therapy
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Are you sufferrig from unusual nose block,longtime runnning nose,sinus problem,nose bleeding,polonged cough and etc
随着愈来愈多的简易中医资讯被释放出来,整个亚洲社会已经弥漫着「自己学中医」的自我疗愈风气。 许多社会大众,已经不会把
Timo 冬虫夏草帝皇能增强免疫力,抗衰老,益肺补肾及增强及精神体力,是每日补充营养精神的首选。 联络方式: Lot 5094, Kawasan Perindustrian Parit Jamil, 84150 Muar, Johor, Malaysia. Tel:+606-9872 588 Fax:+606-9875 788 更多详情请浏览 www.biofactlife.com
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