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Do you wish to find extra income from the facial mask industry? We are currently looking for business partners. Guarantee lowest wholesale price in town. All our masks are 100% imported from Taiwan. Please feel free to leave down your contact or email me.

我们仓库现代理的面膜牌子包括如下 / Our current brand available for wholesale selection as per below:

(1) 我的美丽日记 (My Beauty Diary) - HOT !!!!!!!!!!
(2) 我的心机 (My Scheming Mask) - HOT !!!!!!!!
(3) 北海道恋人 (Hokkaido Lover)
(4) 丹提面膜 (Dainty)
(5) 广源良 (Guang Yuan Liang) - 台湾30年老字号 Taiwan 30 years historic brand 
(6) 依洛嘉水晶面膜 (Crystal Collagen Mask)
(7) Aloem 有机面膜 (Aloem Organic Mask)
(8) 牛尔and Kevin 面膜 (Niu Er and Kevin Mask) - Coming Soon!!!!
(9) 绝世美肌面膜 - 
Latest Product...Same Manufacuturer with Beauty Diary!!!!!

敬请联络我查询详情 / Please contact below for further details:
012-3089287 (Mr. Won)