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Kami pakar dalam pembaikan gearbox untuk semua jenis model kereta. Kami juga menyediakan perkhidmatan lain seperti servis penghawa dingin dan juga sebagai pusat servis kereta.
Puchong Sunway Auto Glass Specialist Sdn Bhd + pembekal cermin kereta + membaiki cermin kereta + menukar/ memasang cermin kereta + Tuntutan Insuran Untuk Membaiki Atau Menukar Cermin Kereta Hubungi k
We provide Engine Overhaul/Repair, Spray Painting, Body Repairs including Panel Beating and Welding, General Overhaul and many more service in Sing Motor Work
Sam Yong Windscreen Specialist DR . Windscreen Sam Yong Windscreen Specialist is the Malaysia leading service provider of automotive replacement glazing to the insurance industry, accident management
Perkhidmatan Tayar & Bateri Bintang Terang Address: No. A-110,111,112, Lrg Ria Indah, Taman Ria Indah 08000 Sungai Petani, Address2: No. A-153, Jalan BPJ 1/2, Bandar Puteri Jaya 08000 Sungai Peta
Runpower Automotive Sdn Bhd Syarikat kami menyediakan perkhidmatan mengetuk dan mengecat kenderaan serta membaik pulih enjin kenderaan. A ddress: No 2, Jln BP 6/5 Bandar Bukit Puchong 47100,Puchong S
Speedee Engineering & Industrial Supply is a privately owned company that specializes in the supplying of Timing & Vee Belt, Conveyor, Transmission Belt, Pneumatic & Hydraulic seal, Oil S
Naza Kia Services The latest additions to Naza Kia Service Centres are in Penang, Ipoh, Johor Bahru and Kuching. At the same time there are also 40 authorized service dealers and 8 spare parts stocki
Our workshops provide car spray and welding service. We also provide auto repair services for all types of car models and so on.
Jaya Hoong Motor Services Sdn Bhd Services : * Accident Claims * Towing * Panel Beating * Replacing Windscreen Glass * Exhaust * Welding * Air Cond Service * Engine Service * Spray Painting * 24 Hour
T Kinetic Auto Service -Custom made & ready made bodykit -Interior works & perfomance part & furniture -Painting & bodykit -Engine services & tyre -Polishing Contact No.20 Jalan U
HFA Genchi Services Kami menyediakan perkhidmatan : - Baikpulih & servis kenderaan - Wheel balancing & alignment (imbangan & jajaran) - Tayar - Tuning - Bateri Address: No 17, Jalan Banda
TOP SPEED HOLDING is a leading Malaysian company specializing in car care and maintenance services. Currently, it operates 10 Servicenters at strategic locations within Klang Valley. TOP SPEED HOLDIN
Company Summary Leong Motor Work (LMW) was incorporated as an automobile workshop with its core business in accident repairs and claims back in 1974. Since then, LMW has proven itself as a sound auto
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Relong Tyres & Batteries Centre Perkhidmatan yang kami tawarkan / We provide the following services: - Tayar dan bateri / tyres and batteries - Pengimbang tayar / Wheel balancing - Panjajaran / A
Kedai Motor Syarikat kami menawarkan perkhidmatan membaiki motosikal ! Address: B 19, Duta, Bandar Baru 18300,Gua Musang Kelantan Contact No: 013-9872424
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Vun Lee Workshop is a sole proprietorship founded by Mr. Chang Lee Vun. We currently employ about 31 employees at our workshop. We specialize in vehicle claims and repairs and provide various related
We provide quality brake caliper, brake disc rotor, brake pad and performance parts like suspensions, titanium exhaust, engine oil, gearbox oil, oil addictive, octane plus, ceratec, brake fluid.