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Car Windscreen Repair Specialist

Don’t let your DAMAGED WINDSCREEN disrupt your day!

Do you know that we can repair your windscreen, and this can save you time and money?  We can repair the crack before it cost more to replace later. It takes only 45 minutes to perform a single repair.  Therefore, you save your time as well as money.

If you have more than one chip on your screen, second and subsequent repairs cost even less.

MECHANIX WINDSCREEN SERVICES offer a complete solution to your vehicle windscreen needs.  Your windscreen is repaired or replaced by our fully trained and experienced technicians. High quality material is used always.  Uniquely, we guarantee our workmanship, materials and repairs. For most windscreen replacements we can have your car back on the road within 2 hours.  For repair, it usually takes less than an hour (45 min).

How is repair possible?

Most new windscreens are made of laminated glass – this is two pieces of glass permanently bonded together by a plastic membrane in the middle.

If something hits a laminated windscreen, like a flying stone, the glass will not shatter into tiny pieces because the damaged area sticks to the plastic membrane. This is what makes a repair possible.

Repair can only be carried out on laminated screen such as the car windscreen.  Damaged on the outside sheet of a windscreen can be repaired with our professional repair system and our experience  & well trained technician. 

We can repair small cracks and chips on the surface of your windscreen, which means that you save your money by avoiding the replacement of the screen.

It is important that the repair is carried out as soon as possible so as to avoid dirt and moisture penetrating into the damage.  If the repair is not attended to, sooner or later the damage will expand and replacement of the windscreen will be necessary.


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